Fairy Godmothers, 12 Asst.w/Displayer


Fairy godmother figurine with a wings, a voluminous dress, a gold crown, a wand with a star and a sentiment in black typography on the dress. White displayer with a banner with a FAIRY GODMOTHERS sentiment. 48 pieces with displayer (9.5X3.8X5) at no charge. 12 Assorted Designs: Purple Dress/SWEET DREAMS, Blue Dress/SAFE TRAVELS, Purple Dress/GOOD KARMA, Blue Dress/COURAGE, Blue and White Dress/PEACE, Green Dress/GOOD LUCK, Pink Dress/LOTS OF LOVE, Yellow Dress/HAPPINESS, Pink Dress/BEST WISHES, Purple Dress/KINDNESS, Blue Dress/GOOD HEALTH, Pink Dress/SUCCESS. Polystone.