Pig Profressions, 12 Asst. w/Displayer


Pig figurine dressed in an outfit of a popular occupation. Displayer in the shape of eight crates with sentiments that include, BON APPIGTIT, HAM-MER TIME, FEELIN' SWINE, BRINGIN' HOME THE BACON, GET ALONG LITTLE HOGGY, HOT DOG, SWINEY DANCER. 48 pieces with displayer (8X4.8X3.9) at no charge. 12 Assorted Designs: Chef Pig, Nurse Pig, Business Woman Pig, Doctor Pig, Cowboy Pig, Teacher Pig, Farmer Pig, Swimmer Pig, Ballerina Pig, Construction Worker Pig, Business Man Pig, Firefighter Pig, Teacher Pig. Polystone.