Message Tag for Strollers/Carriers, 6 Asst.


Make your stroller, buggy or carrier stand out with this round tag featuring an animal design, a sentiment and a buckle strap. 24 pieces with displayer (5.9X6.7X9.2) at no charge. 6 Assorted Designs: Pink with Sheep/I MAY BE TINY BUT I'M OH SO MIGHTY, Blue with Elephant/A VERY LOVED LIMITED EDITION, Grey with Monkey/MY PARENTS THINK THEY'RE IN CHARGE...THAT'S SO CUTE, Yellow with Llama/HERE'S OUR DEFINITION OF PERFECT, White with Lion/SHHH...I MAY NOT WAKE UP THIS CUTE, White with Bear/WARNING! I'LL STEAL YOUR HEART. Acrylic.

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